Property Developer Training
Welcome to the Property Developer Training, your ticket to discovering the secrets to a successful small, multi unit property development project.
This program has been put together by the host of the Property Developer Podcast ( Justin Gehde, following regular requests from listeners of the show who kept contacting him saying they wanted to learn how to become a property developer.
So, Justin designed this training to show you step by step how you tackle a small development project, say a 3 or 4 unit site, or even a duplex. It is like looking over his shoulder while he is running a project.
Justin is an active property developer himself, running projects worth more than $24 million dollars, and built or is building nearly 50 townhouses. You can check out Justin's projects at
He's taken the lessons learnt from those projects along with the wisdom and insight shared by his many podcast guests, and rolled them all into the training program.
Easy Step by Step Guide
The course steps you simply and effectively through the property development cycle, from preparing to searching, and building and completing.
You will have complete access to all the modules in the training, including bonus modules that get added along the way, and you can work your way through them at your own pace and in your own time.
We cover:
- the entire development cycle
- preparing for a project
- building your dream team (who will you need and when)
- figuring out how much cash you will need
- finding a great development site
- preparing a fantastic planning application
- going through planning to get a planning permit
- pre construction activities including selling off the plan
- preparing construction documentation
- finding an awesome builder
- financial feasibilities and project funding essentials
- building contracts and the construction process
- completing the project and getting your profits.
Checklists and Guides
You will have access to stacks of checklists and guides to help you along the way, including important questions to ask potential team members before bringing them on board.
Pot of Gold
Justin will also show you the secret pot of gold he seeks out when he is looking for a new development site and how it will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of research.
You will be able to go through the training and find everything you need to get started and finish your first residential multi unit property development project.
Bonus Access
In addition to the training program, you get access to the Property Developer Training Forum, where you can ask questions and engage with like minded people who love property developing.
So, if you are wanting to get going on your first property development but don't know where to start, then this is the course for you, jump in right now and begin your journey to becoming a successful property developer. 
Got a question, send them through to [email protected]
Feedback from members
Thanks for putting together the Property Developer Training. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their developing to the next level. It takes much of what is discussed on the Property Developer Podcast and translates it into the practical process of development. Great training on feasibilities and construction costs. Well done. - Declan
Thanks for putting the course together. Really valuable content and easy to understand modules. I have been enjoying watching the videos together with my 15 year old son. The penny really dropped for him. He has realised that property development is a great vehicle to becoming financially free and not having to be stuck in a regular job trading your time for a capped salary. I wish I had this insight at 15. I am well into my first townhouse project and looking good for completion by November. For the next project, my son and I will be taking the journey together. What an education! - Andrew