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Our goal is to provide sensible, relevant and step-by-step information about developing property in Australia. The information provided in our services is general in nature, not specific to your circumstances and is not tailored to any individual property. The information is based on our personal experiences in completing property developments. The information we provide is not financial advice, legal advice or town planning or other professional advice. It is likely, if you intend to complete a property development, you will need additional information and resources other than the content we provide, and you will need to independently source your own professional services.

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Property development carries financial and legal risk, and it is your responsibility to assess your own risk appetite and circumstances, as well as completing additional research, prior to acting on any information provided by us. Unexpected problems or delays are common in property development and there is a real risk of financial loss. We are not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by you or any other person because of your use or reliance on information we have provided. We make no guarantee you will obtain your desired outcome or make money using our training.

Case studies we present may not represent the average success in property developments and may not be able to be replicated by you or any other person. Success in property development is in part dependant on the general property market at the time and case studies may be taken from times where the base property was purchased in a downturn market and the development subsequently sold in a rising market.

Any financial analysis in a case study, while illustrative of an actual development, should not be considered average earnings, actual earnings or any promise or guarantee of future earnings.
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